Regional Attractions That Are Worth Seeing

Man-made attractions are one category of wonderful things to see. If you have some unusual or interesting architecture in your area, these would be intriguing to go check out. You may not have the Empire State Building in your city, but you might have a unique triangular skyscraper covered with glass. You might not have Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but your city may have built a play structure at the local park made entirely of recycled milk cartons. You may not have the Golden Gate Bridge but you may have an amazing footbridge that’s been crossing a nearby creek since you were a kid.

Attractions made by Mother Nature are always wonderful to check out. It doesn’t have to be the Grand Canyon. Every region has rocky areas that are unique and interesting. Does your area have cliffs that are veined with granite or that resemble layer cakes? Do you have hoodoos that look like chess pieces standing around your state? How about red boulders or brown rocks that look like baked potatoes? Think about the natural areas in your locale and take advantage of their proximity by going to visit them.

Many individuals also find attractions frequented by celebrities to be fascinating. Do you have a restaurant where movie stars or politicians once dined? Do you have a park where old rock-n-rollers parked their tour buses back in the day? Was a famous inventor born in a tiny apartment off Main Street? Do a bit of research and you’ll find all sorts of trivia and tidbits about celebrities in your area.

You don’t have to travel around the world to see wonders. You probably have many wonderful attractions in your very own backyard. If you’re not sure about this, go to your local library and ask the librarian to help you do research on the subject. Who knows what interesting information you’ll find out about your town, city, or state?